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VRCR Testimonial - Aura Photography and Gwen Kemp

Please see our Aura Photography page for more photographs showing
changes to the body's energetic field resulting from use of the VRCR

The photographs below show how Gwen Kemp's aura changes after being subjected
to the subtle, energetic radiations from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator:

Gwen's Aura photos

Photograph 1:  Gwen's aura before receiving any radiation from the VRCR.

Photograph 2: Aura after the crystal wand had been placed against her brow and the VRCR turned on for approximately one minute.

Photograph 3: This was taken immediately after the crystal wand had been placed on her Imagination Center (located on top of the head, 3 inches behind the center of the head) for approximately one minute.

Photograph 4: Shows a green color resulting from the crystal being placed approximately six inches below her feet for one minute.

Prior to photographs five and six being taken, Gwen had just completed a twenty-eight hour drive, had had very little sleep and little or nothing to eat. She was completely exhausted! It seemed an opportune time to see just how effective the VRCR was in helping one's body rejuvenate itself!

Photograph 5: Gwen managed to drag herself onto the chair in front of the camera, smile a bit and put her right hand on the template on top of the computer. 

Photograph 6: Immediately after this, she went through an entire sixteen power centers tuning procedure using the VRCR. Upon completion, her tiredness had vanished, her body felt rejuvenated and she had no trouble at all in seating herself in the chair opposite the camera.  The smile was no effort this time!

Because of her considerable experience, Gwen is eminently qualified to interpret the meanings
of different colors relative to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Gwen says that she is always amazed at the reaction of the aura to the radiations from the VRCR.  In all of the thousands of photographs she has taken over the past several years, she has never seen the colors in Aura photographs change so quickly and dramatically as occurs after the subject has been exposed to radiation from the VRCR.  She has taken photographs after a person has taken or been exposed to many different types of reagents, chemicals, herbs, homoeopathic remedies, vitamins, flower essences, magnets, colors, music, prayers, chants, yoga, exercising, Reiki, etc.  She has worked with meditation groups practicing guided meditation, silent meditation and music meditation.

These photographs present factual, indisputable evidence that the radiation from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator influences, in a positive manner, the energies circulating through the body.

Jack and Marolyn met Gwen Kemp in Orlando, in1991.  Gwen had been looking forward to meeting the Derbys as she herself had already obtained photographic verification of the VRCR's generated energies interaction with human body energy fields.

Even in college (graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Fine Arts, major in Interior Design), I always had a hobby interest in Kirlian photography.  I've had a Kirlian device for years, have played with it, photographed everyone I knew-finger tips, toetips, crystals, leaves, rocks, jewelry and about everything else I could think of.  Even photographed organic vitamins versus inorganic vitamins. I had always hoped that I would be able to bring Kirlian photography more into the public arena so that people could see that there was more to them than just the physical, that there was light energy associated with our physical being.  When I told them that the Kirlian photographs gave evidence of a type of light energy around their finger tips, they really did not understand what it meant.  I could tell them again, even give them charts which explained what the different types of photographs meant, but they still didn't get it.  Perhaps it may have been that all they were seeing was just a very small portion of the body, that they couldn't relate a picture of a finger tip to the whole body.

One day I was at a New Age Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia; it was probably October 1989.  For the first time I saw the aura camera and was fascinated with it because I saw that people who had their photographs taken with that camera really didn't need much explanation given to them as to what the photographs meant.  They got it on an inner level.  And I think it's because we all tune into this whether we are conscious of it or not. As I began experimenting with the aura camera, I realized that it did produce on film something similar to the way in which I view or see auras.  So, from that I decided that I was going to own that camera. . .

The camera technology is very interesting because the inventor and his associates have cleverly found a way to literally replicate the way in which the aura appears surrounding the upper part of the human body.  They use computer technology which is contained in a box.  The box is placed beside a chair where a person is seated.  There is a black background behind the person.  As the person sits down, the person will literally touch the computer.  There is a hand template on the top of the computer box which is an integral part of the computer.  As the person touches the template, electronic circuitry inside of the computer is activated, and the computer makes a scan of the person's electromagnetic energy patterns.  That scanning produces data that is run through a computer program. What they are really doing is using the acupuncture meridians of the body to identify the vibrational rates of the organs in the body.  Literally every inch of you from head to toe is equated back to its vibration frequency and that is translated, you might say, into the energy emissions or the light energy that is emitted from the body in specific areas.

The computer itself is used in conjunction with a computer peripheral, in this case the modified Polaroid camera.  A flat wire connects the computer to the camera.  The results of the electronic scanning from the person's contact with the hand template is massaged, so to speak, by the computer program.  The massaged data is then transmitted to the camera by the flat wire and is electronically imprinted on the film.

A year later I participated for the second time in the annual Psychotronics Conference which was held in Dayton, Ohio.  It was at that event that I observed a man walking around with a little box, waving some kind of a wand about people.  He was asking them how they felt, asking for information and feedback.  After the second or third day-and I believe it was a five day event-I had an opportunity to talk with this person.  His name was Harry Schneider and he had one of Jack Derby's Violet Ray Crystal Resonators, or VRCR as it is usually referred to.

We began to experiment a little, doing before and after photos of people.  Several of the people we photographed had very exhausted physical levels of energy.  Some photographs also showed depleted mental energies and a lot of stress in their auras, and it definitely showed in their before pictures.  Harry would use the crystal wand of the VRCR on them for a few minutes.  I don't recall what he actually did, but I don't believe he went through the entire sixteen chakras, or power centers, alignment steps with the person at that time.

After Harry finished with them, they would come back and I took their pictures again.  In every case their auras were incredibly enhanced; they would be brilliant.  Whereas in the before picture the aura might have been muddy in its color, it now had a lot of white light. It might have gone from having a muddy red or orange around them to having full spectrum, magnificent rainbow type of auras.  Beautiful flames at the crowns, flames of white light with color radiating from that. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing.  From my own experience with the camera I had found that it was practically impossible to really shift your aura dramatically upward (toward the Light) in just a matter of minutes.  And here the VRCR was doing it in every case!

When I first got the camera and practiced meditation, I thought that if I would say, "I AM LIGHT, I AM WHITE LIGHT " that, presto, my aura would immediately show up as a brilliant white light in a photograph.  But such was not the case.  When I sat down and really wanted to raise my energies, it took a lot more than just a minute or two; and I have found this to be true for most people with whom I have had the opportunity to work with using the camera.  For instance, in 15 minutes I really might be able to raise the frequencies into more brightness; but it would really take 45 minutes or longer for me to move from middle range color into a white-lighted aura.  What I found later using the VRCR was that virtually everyone's aura was reaching white light in a matter of one to three minutes.

I believe that the energy imprints around the person's upper body that you see in the developed print is a reflection of energies from the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies.  And, if you stop and think about it, to really dramatically change those energies-at any one of those levels or all of those levels-you really have to employ a method or instrumentation that gets to the core of your being, physically, mentally and emotionally.  And, so if a person is exhausted physically, typically its going to take something physical to revive them on that physical level whether it's sleep, food, nutrition, water, exercise or relaxation.  But by the next day, even if your total physical level had been re-energized, your photograph could still show emotional and mental weaknesses in the aura.

And so what I was observing was that in a matter of minutes after using the VRCR, people were getting incredible auras.  In fact, auras which I doubt they could ever achieve on their own.  It was like getting a booster energy shot. So I knew this was really profound and it really caught my interest.  I am very thankful that Harry Schneider made the effort to contact me later and put me onto a conference call with Jack Derby, and to explain to Jack his (Harry's) experiences with the aura camera.  Jack was very interested in seeing what these effects were.  Jack had heard many positive, verbal comments relative to the VRCR but now he would be able to literally see these effects on the light fields around people.

And so at another event-maybe 6 months after-I was in Orlando.  It was the UFO conference.  It was Harry's neck of the woods so to speak.  Jack and Marolyn came down.  Harry and his friend Dolores, and Jack and Marolyn came to the conference.  For several days we just experimented with the aura camera, doing everything that they had a curiosity about.  And when the conference was over, Jack and Marolyn stayed over for a few days with Harry Schneider.  And they asked me if I would come back and work with them a little more which I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do.  Soon afterwards, Jack and I found a way to do some work trade for future events, like the Global Sciences Conference, etc., and I was able to obtain my own Violet Ray Crystal Resonator.