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Violet Ray Crystal Resonator


     VRCR w pyramid and cords
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Violet Ray bulb     Voilet Fire

The VRCR Design

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has been updated for 2008 to the
next generation of stability and long lasting service.  Please go to the
VRCR Research and Development section for further update details!

The building of the VRCR was intuitively guided to be a blend of ancient crystal wisdom and modern electronics, including an enhanced ultra high frequency Nikola Tesla Coil. This combination produces the Violet Ray and other harmonic frequencies capable of harmonious, radionic interaction with our electromagnetic, physical and subtle bodies. The VRCR Heart Center frequency setting attunes us to resonate to 250.56 cycles/second. This is directly 5 octaves higher than the Schumann Resonance frequency which is the base resonant pulse of the earth. The Heart Center frequency is also the musical note "B"; based on a slight corrective adjustment to concert pitch termed "cosmic pitch." Intuitively, Jack knows that the human electrical Power Centers (Chakras) ideally vibrate at harmonic octave levels of that base frequency. The VRCR Heart Center frequency is a "DC pulsed carrier wave" for the violet ray frequency of 732 trillion cycles/second. That frequency is produced by the advanced Nikola Tesla Coil and manifests as visible violet light and subtle energy in the violet ray bulb.

With all other output attachments, it is subtle energy that rides the carrier wave. The carrier wave attunes the body to receive the violet ray. Using this base frequency and 15 other harmonic octave frequencies, the VRCR emits the super high vibrations of the violet, golden and elemental energy rays.

The heart of the VRCR is made up of three main components:

Modified Nikola Tesla Coil

The advanced Nikola Tesla Coil is the result of much trial and error research. It is a custom component since no where in the world was one to be found with the necessary qualities. It's input is a pulsed DC signal of various frequencies from low to very high. Its output voltage is quite high & has subtle energetic qualities that make it virtually unmeasurable by metrology. Our best estimate is that it puts out roughly 80,000 volts of power that is not harmful but conducive to the healing of the human energy system. Its energy is also different than most Tesla type coils in that the output is pulled from the center of the coil where the energy is "Implosive." The connection methods transcribed for this modified Tesla Coil are so odd, that according to normal electronic engineering theory, the device should not even work. But it indeed does. In fact, it will not work without these strange but divinely guided modifications. Within this Tesla Coil are also formed the "etheric blueprint" harmonics, as it were, that manifest as the violet ray energy. This energy manifests in the violet ray bulb as violet arching light, and is broadcast out the triangular pyramid transmission antenna to reduce toxic electromagnetic pollution and project healing energy.

Triad Antenna

As is much of the design of the VRCR, the triad antenna is designed using sacred geometry proportion known as "Phi Golden Ratio." The externally visible component of this triad antenna is a particular silver shape or symbol that was used by a very ancient people in South America. The shape was known by spiritual masters or shamans of the day to be a powerful receiver/transmitter of god or etheric energy. They used the symbol as a skull cap amplifier since most humans had already forgotten how to access such a high energy directly. It stimulates the crown chakra, pineal gland and hypothalamus. Internally, it is interfaced to the other electronics through germanium diodes; again, of a specially transcribed and guided configuration. There is also an amethyst stone directly underneath the outer silver triad bringing in the vibration of "Lady Holy Amethyst" and St. Germain. Connections are made from this antenna and circuit board to the injector crystal of the crystal array by wrapping a specified ratio of wire turns around the injector crystal within a magnetic field that surrounds it.

Triad Antenna

Crystal Array Transducer

The crystals in the crystal array are custom cut quartz by a maker of Marcel Vogel Crystals. showing the Injector (vertical), control (left), and the power crystal (right). etheric, light, magnetic, piezoelectric, sound and other energies meet at the fusion point where multi-directional conversions take place. Below their meeting point is a Moldavite. The apex of where all the crystal array points meet is bathed in a magnetic field of purposeful polarity produced by a small but powerful magnet directly underneath. Various "light emitting diodes" are used to create pulsing light colors enhancing energy flow. Direct current (DC) pulses are being applied to the Tesla Coil and left horizontal "Control Crystal" by the left half of a gold wire scalar antenna. These control pulses serve as a governing agent. Tesla Coil high output energies are wrapped around the right horizontal power crystal introduced through the right half of the gold wire scalar antenna. The halves of the scalar antenna our held at an electrical imbalance enabling Zero Point Energy to collect between them. The power crystal utilizes its transformative piezoelectric nature converting the high voltage to subtle energy and other forms of energy including heat and vibration. This same energy leads to the front panel attachments. The vertical injector crystal in the crystal array is bathed in an electro magnetic field from two attached magnets dealing with the flow of all energies in or out of the system through the antenna. etheric, light, magnetic, piezoelectric, sound and other energies meet at the fusion point or apex of crystal points where multi-directional conversions take place.



During the high cycle of the DC pulse period, positive life force energy is pumped into the persons body through the wand, creating a momentary high pressure within the body. Then, during the low cycle of the DC pulse period, the pressure is removed and negative energy rushes out of the body through the wand and into the crystals of the VRCR known as the crystal trinity or subtle God energy transducer. At the fusion point of the crystal trinity, the negative energy is irradiated with all the focused energies converging there. This converts the nature of the negative energy into positive Ki with increased strength. Through this entire process, the violet ray energy is always present and superimposed upon the pulsed DC carrier frequency. The energies that are pulled into the VRCR from the body are radiated with the violet ray as a major part of their transformation. Upon the next high cycle of the DC pulse period, the high pressure of the electromagnetic violet ray energy from the Tesla Coil pushes the positive ki back into the persons body, thus completing the radionic process Jack terms "Posikiation."



No representations are made herewith, that the
VRCR is capable of healing in a medical sense.

This instrument is for experimental purposes only.
No guarantee is given as to its effectiveness.

Our Radionics Machines should not be used by or on people with pace makers
or other bio-implanted electrical devices or by pregnant women.

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